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Quarantine Compliance

Since 1995, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has relied upon the screening of customs declarations, community protection profiles and the validity of broker answers to barrier and tariff time specific questions to determine whether goods are of AQIS concern.

Part of the AQIS management system allows for sanctions and penalties to be imposed for broker and or importer inaccuracy. If sanctions or penalties are incurred, there are also huge handling expenses, increased permits, escalated audits and delays in cargo receipt.

Do you know the sanction history of your Broker or do you have an unreasonably high percentage of quarantine declarations? Declaration volume is automatically increased when non-conformance is detected.

GCF Griffin is highly organised, accurate and consistent with all AQIS subjects. Our responsible AQIS accredited staff make the declarations, answer the profiles and follow through on permit outcomes. GCF Griffin do not have any non-conformance history.

Let GCF professionals obtain the best AQIS outcomes for your imported products!

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