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Performance Through Customs CMR Transition 2005

These problems, for the greater percentage of the industry, were allegedly caused by the Australian Customs Service (ACS) prematurely introducing a new computer platform (CMR ICS System) which is responsible for processing all the cargo clearance systems.

GCF achieved a successful transition to the new CMR ICS System and all GCF clients enjoyed optimum cargo flow without delay or storage costs incurred.

We are one of only a few in the industry which proactively invested in the computer hardware, software and training resources. In combination with our international freighting policies GCF successfully cleared and delivered an equivalent of 600 x 20' FCLs per week throughout October/November 2005.

GCF and our clients do not have any compensation claims against the ACS.

While our competitors play the blame game, GCF will continue to clear and deliver cargo within the timetable of client expectations. Testimonials are available.

Let GCF redefine your expectations!

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