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GCF Griffin is a people business. Those who join the company experience all the benefits available from a market leader in a dynamic industry including career diversity, job satisfaction, excellent training and resources.

We believe in motivating our employees to the best. This requires a stimulating and challenging work environment and the financial rewards they emit. Our ability to perform at an exceptional level relies on recruiting exceptional people. To meet such demanding levels of excellence, we see individuals who possess the following characteristics:

Innovative Thinking

Highest degree of integrity

Knowledge sharing philosophy

Value collaboration and teamwork

• Pursue continuous learning and personal development

Enjoy a culture of entrepreneurialism and performance achievement

Take pride in the organisation

Please be advised that information provided by may be stored in either paper or computerised form for use by GCF.

GCF is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants for employment will be considered without regard to race, religion, colour, age, sex, nation origin, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other legally impermissible basis.


We are committed to provide the training and development that individuals need to perform their jobs well, and to prepare them for career progression within the company. In doing this, our aim is to ensure that we deliver consistently high quality, highly focussed, high impact training to maximise our investment in our people. How do we do this?

Consistently High Quality

We ensure the quality of our programs by rigorously researching needs and using our design expertise to make certain the needs are met. As your career with us progresses, you will receive the trading you need to be fully effective in your job. You will be encouraged to undertake the professional qualifications that are appropriate to you choice of career path. You won't be given trading with is irrelevant, or which had not met our scrupulous delivery standards.

Highly Focussed

We will ensure that what you learn helps you, in a really practical way, to help make GSF a great company. Depending on your role with us, you will learn to apply our approach to sales, to technical work, to being an effective leader, to providing client service.

High Impact

Since we view training as an investment, for work extremely hard to ensure that it produces the very best return for you and the company. We evaluate the effectiveness of our training and use the results to improve quality, and increase management understanding and commitment to training.


To enquire about current openings, please email our office. Your application should include your resume, copies of reports and referenced and contact email address.

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