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Don't have your FTA Origin evidence remitted at the speed of a ship. Use GCF innovative services and enjoy speedy customs clearance and cargo deliveries.

Australian Trusted Trader Program

GCF is a current member of the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program and can highly recommend the competitive advantages  available to our industry.

ATT benefits like Priority Trade Services including  Fast-Track Tariff, Valuation, Origin Advices and Reviews of any Advices. This is a superior asset.

Automated ChFTA Origin Certificates (Advance Rulings & DoO's)

If you are also an accredited Australian Trusted Trader, ChFTA Certificates of Origin are an expensive relic of the past.

At GCF, we have combined our databases and offer importers an ongoing ChFTA Origin Advance Ruling Spreadsheet Application and the Supplier Declaration of Origin (DoO) per import documentation. The Supplier simply signs the DoO with completed product(s), accurate HS Code(s) and then emails back to GCF.

Also, the ATT origin waiver benefit allows Trusted Traders to claim Preferential Tariff Treatment (PTT) on originating goods imported under most of the other current Free Trade Agreements. GCF can also provide you advice for ongoing origin preference evidence to satisfy customs requirements.

Another GCF innovative solution to a notoriously slow task.

Non-FTA goods that may be dutiable, the Duty & GST Payment can be deferred to a consolidated monthly payment. A great cash flow benefit.

Applying for ATT membership is quicker and easier than ever before. GCF may assist if required.

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